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Goth AF Holiday Cap

Cage Collars
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Cyber Respirators
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VectorNet Racer Back Hooded Tank
VectorNet Crop Vest
VectorNet Runner Shorts
from $75.00
VectorNet Mini Skirt
VectorNet Pullover Shrug
Pure Sheer Tank
Telecrop Top
from $40.00
Siteline Pure Sheer Shrug Pullover
from $55.00
Siteline Booty Shorts
Pure Sheer Bootyshorts
lime green cyber goth punk shrug top
white black cyber goth punk shrug top
Transfigurator Shrug
Transfigurator Breechclout
Sleeveless D-Ring Hoodie
Transfigurator Halter Top
Transfigurator Micro Breechclout
Toxic Respirator (LED Options)
from $40.00
LED Symbol Goggles
Starfusion Respirator (LED Options)
from $40.00
Headhunter Respirator (LED Options)
from $40.00
Hex Respirator (LED Options)
from $40.00
Bulldog Duo Tone Unisex Harness
Holographic Bulldog Unisex Harness
from $90.00
Minefield Spiked Collar & Wrist Cuff Set
from $75.00
Deluxe Fem Torso Harness
Holographic Unisex Torso Harness
from $70.00
Alien Charm
from $6.00
Unicursal Hexagram Charm
from $5.00
Saturn Charm
from $5.00
Pentacle Charm
from $5.00
Leviathan Cross Charm
from $5.00

Dark Star Fusion is a small woman designed & owned business. We have been creating unique clothing and accessories in the USA since 2013!

Thank you for your support!