Nippers Lanyard

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Nippers Lanyard
Nippers Lanyard

Nippers Lanyard

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Show your Pawstar pride with a limited edition Nippers the Spooky Fox lanyard!

Length: 21"
Width: 1"

Character Name: Nippers the Spooky Fox
Species: Grey Fox, Deceased (Urocyon cinereoargenteus spookius)
Height: 2' 4"
Weight: 10lb.

Favorite Things;
-Food: Bones, fleshy things.
-Beverage: Mist.
-Toy: Tiny bones, dead mice.
-Holiday: Halloween.
-Ally: Kibi the Wisp.

Notes: Nippers was once a forest loving fox who had a tragic accident. He now haunts graveyards and spooky places with his wisp buddy, Kibi (short for Kitsune-bi, a fox fire).


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